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it’s too addicting, it’s too addicting, it’s too addicting! even for an information broker like me, there are things completely unknown to me happening and happening and appearing before my eyes and lapsing back into unknown every single day. that is why i can never ever leave the places where humans abound! humans, love! i love humans! i love you all!
         …that’s why you all should love me too!
orihara izaya


Ok guys this one right here, ok? This one right here. This is probably the coolest one yet, and it was totally the easiest. I got the idea to do this like 5 minutes ago ok?

I present to you, Elsa’s chandelier! It changes with your blog background, and it makes me so happy. You could do so much with this, guys. I’m gonna go put it on my blog right now as well, so yeah. But, like, hell, its so freakin cool ok? Yeah.

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